Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson is the founder of Enirtia Consulting and currently serves as the principal consultant for the company, providing technology and business management consulting to leading companies across the country.

Justin’s career began with a focus on technology support when a mainframe software company working on the Y2K Problem, hired him to be an integration specialist. From there his career has taken him to many different industries and many different positions, including Lead Technologist at a healthcare informatics company, Director of IT Operations at an interactive marketing agency, and Co-Founder & Engineering Lead at a startup Internet Service Provider. All of these activities allowed Justin to hone his business, technology, and project management skills through significant management and operations responsibilities.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Software Engineering, with an emphasis in Network Security from the University of Advancing Technology and was a participant in the 2007 & 2008 Department of Defense DC3 Forensic Challenges.

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