How To Sneak Alcohol On To A Cruise

by Justin Wilson on December 18, 2008

In only a matter of a few days I am leaving on a cruise. This will be my second cruise, and we are once again going to try and bring our own alcohol on board the cruise. You may be asking yourself, why would you want to do such a thing? The answer is simple… For Sport. Yes, we can afford to buy our own booze on the ship, even though they gouge you at the on ship bars, but it is more fun if you can make it past the rent-a-cops that run security. Last November when we went on a cruise, we brought a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Rum, and a “sack” of wine, and here is how we did it.

For the Rum and Vodka we used two empty water bottles and filled them with up with each liquor and put them in the side pockets of my laptop bag, in plain sight, and walked right through security without a hitch. Now the sack of wine was a different story. The “sack” was really the internal bag from a Target-branded cube/box of wine. Yes, we could have got better wine, but remember this is for sport, and drinking it is just a bonus. We removed the bag from the box and put the bag in with our clothes, in the checked baggage.

Another great option for sneaking liquor on to a cruise (or just about anywhere) is a Rum Runner Flask. These flasks are plastic and flexible, much like the wine “sack” that was previously mentioned. They are also inexpensive and disposable so you do not have to worry about bringing them back with you from your cruise.

No that sounds simple, right? It was. What we discovered was that the policies listed when you register for the cruise is simply a deterrent, and only rarely do you actually see the cruise lines enforce the rules. However, if you do get busted doing this you usually only have to forfeit the booze.

A few words of caution on this:

1) If you do you get busted bringing your own booze on board, be cool, let them take it if they want. You may or may not get it back at the end of the cruise, but it beats the alternative which is not being allowed to board. When you paid for your cruise you agreeed to abide by their terms and conditions, one of which is no personal alcohol. The terms also say that if you are caught bringing booze on board, you may not be allowed to board. While it usually never comes to this, they will do it if you are not cool about it and/or get irate or rude if they confiscate your liquor. So if you do get caught, be cool to security, they are just doing their job, and play dumb so that if you are lucky you will get your liquor back at the end of the cruise.

2) Pack your bag so that your bottles or sacks of liquor do not break, and put them in a bag of your clothes that you could live without on the cruise in the event that they do break. Otherwise you will smell like you bathed in rum for the duration of your cruise.

3) Don’t over do it. Do not try and take a whole bar with you, take only a few select choices of liquor. You will be less likely to get caught and less likely to break the liquor in your bag.

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