Jimmy Fallon’s New Late Night Gig

by Justin on March 12, 2009

fallon-pscet-logoLast week was the big debut of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and while I am not sure what the critics are saying of it, I think the show is going to be huge, and will end up being one of those Viral shows that everyone talks about, at least in those in the target demographic.

Fallon made his big debut with a line up of super celebrities and musicians, but I do not think that is what is going to make the show huge. Much like on the web, it is the content. Lets start with the house band, The Roots. They are a really good, dynamic group, technically classified as Hip Hop, but I don’t think that you can classify guys who play instruments as Hip Hop. Regardless, they have a tremendous range in their abilities that fits in nicely between music appealing to an 18 year old, and 40 year old.

Another example of the great content are his “bits”, such as “Lick it for 10”. In this bit Jimmy pulls some random people out of the crowd brings them up on stage, brings out a random household product or item ala The Price is Right, and pays them $10 to lick it. Surely it is not the most intelligent bit, some would classify this as toilet humor, but you cannot help but laugh out loud when watching it. You might say this is no different than Stupid Pet Tricks, but I can assure you it is much more entertaining, and less gimmicky.

The final reason why this show is going to be huge, is that they are going after the tech/social media/smart crowd. This is shown by the fact that they have a blog front and center on the the Late Night website, they are using the show to demo tech gadgets like the upcoming Palm Pre, and Diggnation hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht were on the show in the first two weeks. Fallon even debuted a sort of social experiment to try and make one Twitterer have more followers than Obama.This group will most likely demand a higher level of comedy, more intelligent toilet humor, which Fallon appears intent on delivering.

With all of these reasons, plus the guy is actually funny, and comes across as just an ordinary guy hanging out with his friends on the show, I have no doubt that Fallon will find success easily. Lets just hope the NBC execs are smart enough to realize that it is a good show, unlike what they did with the West Wing, and Studio 60.

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