Tucson Rolling Out Electric Car Charging Network

by Justin on March 6, 2009

According to a CNet article The City of Tucson, Nissan, and battery charging equipment manufacturer Ecotality are planning on rolling out a city-wide Electric car charging network next year. Ecotality is going to be working with the city on planning, policies, and charging locations to coincide with Nissan’s effort to make it’s plugin electric vehicles available to local municipalities and organizations.

While it sounds like Tucson is just a test market at this time, this is huge. Too bad this is not being made available in the Phoenix Area like the old GM EV1 was, as I know that there are still many charging stations left around the valley left over from that effort. My only question about this is will these charging stations support other electric vehicles like the Tesla.

It is no wonder GM is hurting right now, when the foreign car companies are doing things like this I have little hope for the American Car industry.

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